Jubel voor de echte koffie- verslaafde! Zoals ik.

Another Coffee Perk: Antioxidants – Healthy Living Overview: Diet Thru Prevention: “Another Coffee Perk: Antioxidants
By Janice Billingsley
HealthDay Reporter
SUNDAY, Aug. 28 (HealthDay News) — Americans’ love affair with coffee means they get more antioxidants from this drink than from any other source in their diet, a new study reports.
By measuring the amount of antioxidants contained in the most common foods and beverages, and comparing them to U.S. government data on food consumption, researchers found that coffee far outpaced any other beverage or food as the main source of antioxidants in the American diet.
‘When you look at the quantity of antioxidants in coffee and how much is consumed, it really shines either way,’ said Joe Vinson, a chemist at the University of Scranton. He presented the results of his analysis Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, in Washington, D.C.
More than half of Americans drink coffee every day, making it the most popular beverage in the country, Vinson said.
Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that help prevent oxidation, a process that can cause damage to cells and may contribute to aging. The compounds may help boost immune function and possibly cut your risk of infection, heart disease and cancer, according to the American Dietetic Association”


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