5 Steps To Passionate Partnerships
by Julie Jordan Scott

One of the tragedies of our times is the lack of deeply rooted connections between people. This phenomenon stretches across contexts and environments. Lapses in connection occur in families, in work places, in communities. Partnering passionately with the people who surround you is one way to re-create solid foundations. These foundations are more than simply between you and the other party, they invite further collaboration.

1. Rise to each occasion. Be ready, willing and able to create possibilities for people. Place your heart filled energy bringing forth that which makes your heart sing instead of what someone else was obligated to and therefore left behind as a negative, anti-legacy for you. Choose to be inspired through love rather than being motivated through fear.

2. Take a Stand. In the closing scene of “Dead Poet’s Society”, several students of John Keating literally take their stand by climbing on their desks in a passionate salute to him. Imagine what it would be like for you to publicly stand on your desk in the face of authority and say “YES! These are my beliefs and YES! I identify with them and YES! I am ready to take on all that means RIGHT NOW and forever more.” Wow. Can you feel that?

3. Make clear, concrete requests. Instead of “kinda-sorta” suggesting people might perhaps feel like wanting to do “x-y-z” make your request dynamic, engaging and possibility filled. “I have an opening for x-y-z in my life. Are you ready to commit to this right now?” Make these requests from a foundation of love and allowing people to use their natural talents, gifts and abilities. Invite their participation as a reflection of their personal being.

4. Practice Authentic Gratitude. Express an active form of thanksgiving and gratitude for those who choose to partner with you. This goes beyond the surface niceties and goes much deeper. It goes into your soul level. Gratitude is not a here today, gone tomorrow experience. It is a grounding experience. It will make a surefire, long held connection between parties rather than a quick fix-here’s one today, gone tomorrow.

5. Be alert for Continuing Passionate Possibilities. Once you create one Passionate Partnership, others will be naturally attracted to you. Be awake to the ones that truly resonate with you. This may be the ideal time to network further through connecting other passionate people. In doing so, you will be creating positive change which grows beyond the individuals involved. You will be positively impacting the larger community. Your passionate partnerships may eventually include the entire world.


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