Duirwaigh Gallery – The magical place for romantic fantasy art: “Duirwaigh Productions presents
‘A Knock at the Duir’

Our first inspirational mini-film has caused a small, unexpected international sensation. Thank you to all 300,000+ viewers who’ve seen it and the thousands of letters we’ve received in response! We’re overjoyed so many of you are touched, encouraged, inspired.

A Knock at the Duir
Flash movie, will open in a new window.

What else are we working on? Well I’m glad you asked! We’re busy at work on our second film, entitled ‘The Kindling.’ SHHHHHH!! It’s a secret! But we think you’ll love what we have in store. Patience, patience, my precioussssss…

Prints from the film
For a list of all images that appear in the movie and available prints.

Help Keep ‘A Knock at the Duir’ online

Letters from the Outside World

‘A Knock at the Duir’ “


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Kees Dullemond

trainer en coach.

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