For people serious about their life only! (TM) | Life Crisis Guide: “Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, it’s up; sometimes, it’s down. There are good and there are bad times, but both require our responses. Usually, we know how to respond if it’s good things happening to us. We would jump and laugh. Or, we simply smile secretly in our heart. In other words, we feel happy. But, oftentimes, people don’t know how and what to respond to do in times when they feel so low, depressed, frustrated, insecure about the future, worried about life after midlife or graduation, … etc.. It’s human nature to easily feel happy and easily know what to do (respond) when things make us happy. But, it’s also human nature to easily feel sad, depressed, worried, and insecure when things in life such as a major crisis (e.g. loss of a loved one leading emotional crisis, loss of a career leading to career crisis, loss of enthusiasm about life leading to existential crisis, loss of, say, youthfulness in midlife leading to midlife crisis, … etc.) make us so unhappy, but we often may not know what and how to do and respond to those crisis times in life. We would close ourselves in our room. We would not feel seeing anyone or talking to anyone. Is this good response?”


Gepubliceerd door

Kees Dullemond

trainer en coach.

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